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Q: I'm after some tyres for my car, what do you have in stock?

A: (tyre dealer takes a deep breathe before answering the million dollar question) Do you know what tyres you're after, or at least what size tyre you're chasing...

Q: Ummmmm... not sure, what do you have!

Ahhh yes, the age old questions never die. And nowadays it seems with all the new car makes, models, customer expectations and budgets, the answer is never simple. But imagine if you good take the guess work out by knowing just what size tyre you were after. It would make getting the right tyre much simpler.

Our friends at Yokohama have created a great video that helps you to learn and understand how to read your tyre size correctly making the task of getting you back on the road sooner a smoother one. Though the video is a few years old the message hasn't changed - enjoy!

Great, now that you've got a better idea of how to read your tyre size, why not give our teams at either Lowood Tyre Service or Lockyer Valley Tyres & More a call for your next set of tyres!

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